Bedfordshire Schools Training Partnership

Primary Trainee thoughts 2021

Why train with Beds SCITT - ask Katie :)

Some comments from one applicant who will be joining us in September 2021 - we can't wait :)

I could not WAIT to accept the offer. Beyond thrilled and so excited to jump on the course. From your friendly emails to speaking with you all today, you were all so lovely, kind and supportive. It was so refreshing and I would not want to study this course anywhere else. So thank you all very much for offering me a great opportunity to grow and learn alongside a fantastic team of staff!

Interviews are always a little scary, especially when you are not too sure what to expect. I received some great feedback throughout the interview on what it was I could work on, as well as receiving praise for some of my ideas and responses. I was interviewing for a place on the teacher training course, but from just that one interview, I have taken away so much more. What a great experience!

Taomi, February 2021